Sunbird Campers Club
Sunflower Community, Tucson, AZ

Sunbird Campers is a group of Sunflower residents who share an interest in the RV/camping lifestyle. Whether you own a tent, motor home, travel trailer, pickup camper or 5th wheel, or you are a former RVer or an RVer wantabe, you are welcome to join us. There is, however, one stipulation: you must be a resident of Sunflower. Dues are $10 per couple for initial membership and annual dues of $5 per couple thereafter to remain active members.

We hold regular meetings at the Community Center at 10:30 AM on the first friday of each month. We also have a "social hour" at a member's home each month, usually on the fourth friday. Between October and May we try to plan a few trips to an interesting event, a point (or points) of interest or just to get out and enjoy life. In most cases, nearby motel/hotel accommodations are available for members no longer desiring or able to "rough it". Check the Upcoming Events page for details.

Club Officers for 2019:
    President – Joe Y.
    Secretary – Katie B.
    Treasurer – Larry E.

Group Photo

A Group of Happy Sunbird Campers

Last page update:  June 25, 2019